Case Studies

NanoPAT has a very broad potential for monitoring the synthesis and conversion processes involving an infinite variety of NPs and media types. As a subset representative of this potential, NanoPAT will validate the combination of different nano-characterization technologies in 5 industrial case-studies, demonstrating the viability of the proposed PAT solutions for the industrial NPs production of polymers, silica, hydroxyapatite, zeolites and for the dispersion of ceramic NPs into coatings via electrodeposition method.

Case Study 1

Polymers (Partner Lead: Covestro)

Case Study 2

Silica (Partner Lead: EVONIK)

Case Study 3

(Partner Lead: FLUIDINOVA)

Case Study 4

Zeolite (Partner Lead: ARKEMA)

Case Study 5

Ceramic (Partner Lead: Cnano)

Three of the case studies (CS1, CS2 and CS4) are hosted by large companies (ARKEMA, Covestro, EVONIK) and the other two (CS3 and CS5) by SMEs (Cnano, FLUIDINOVA). Four of the case studies are batch processes (ARKEMA, Cnano, Covestro, EVONIK) while one is continuous (FLUIDINOVA). An Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) is assigned to support each case study in order to pre-validate the PAT (selected, based on the existing TRL4 results) in downscaled process (TRL5) before moving to semi industrial process (TRL6).