Ceramic (Partner Lead: Cnano)

Monitoring of ceramic nanoparticle suspensions in pilot scale production
of nanocomposite coatings.

Electroplating is a well-established technique for the production of coatings providing custom functionalities depending on the customer’s application. Nevertheless, composite electroplating is less widely adopted, despite the enhanced properties of the composite coatings. The main barrier that prevents the large-scale production is the lack of direct detection/characterization methods for the nano-particles status and behaviour in the electrolytic bath. During the NanoPAT project, Creative Nano in close collaboration with the spin off of MUG and IRIS will adjust and install to its electroplating pilot line, the OF2i and TUS particle monitoring technologies respectively. The target is to detect and monitor the ceramic nanoparticle size and concentration within the electrolyte during operation. Thus, the operator will be allowed to intervene immediately and resolve any discrepancy detected. Accurate and precise evaluation of the properties of the suspension can be associated to the plating parameters involved during the production process. By controlling sensitive and important factors related to particle suspension in the electrolyte will increase the quality of the composite coatings, the reproducibility and the productivity of the pilot line.

Figure 1: Application of OF2i & TUS Monitoring Technologies in electroplating of nanocomposite coatings

In the video, first steps of partner BRAVE preparing for online, real time particle size characterization of high-performance nano coatings. Analysis of Cnano samples of silicon carbide (SiC) and titanium dioxide (TiO2)

A quick presentation of  Cnano’s Electroplating Pilot Line for nano-composite coatings. Starting from the pre-treatment process of surface and moving forward to the plating process.