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NanoPAT Final General Assembly M48 in Barcelona

With a mixture of feelings, NanoPAT partners met for the last time on 22-23 May 2024 in Barcelona (Spain) for their Final General Assembly at M48.

Thanks to all partners for the fantastic developments of the last 6 months and for the overview of all activities during the whole project duration! Really exciting 4 years lie behind us, full of high-impact collaborative work by the entire consortium, delivering successfully demonstrated inline/online real-time process analytical technologies for nanoparticle production reaching till TRL 6/7.

Special thanks to the coordinator, IRIS Technology Solutions, for hosting a very successful final meeting and for making us feel at home and bringing us closer to the Catalan cuisine and culture!

During our stay in Barcelona, we were able to visit IRIS facilities and their labs!

Some impressions of the two days in Barcelona:

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On 20th October 2023, Blanca Suarez, from TEMASOL, visited the brand new facilities of FLUIDINOVA in Porto (Portugal), where BRAVE Analytics installed their OF2i B-Continuous prototype in one of Fluidinova’s nanohydroxyapatite reactors (as reported here).

Blanca was introduced to their pilot line using the OF2i device and all equipment involved, as part of TEMASOL activities in Task 7.4 “Nanosafety assessment & Elaboration of safety/Safety-by-Design guidelines”. The process is currently being analysed by TEMASOL staff under a risk assessment perspective to identify potential health issues, focusing on occupational exposure and nanosafety. The strategy will follow the one developed in the EU-H2020 project NanoReg2 for Safety-by-Design (SbD) implementation in industrial settings but adapted to the particulars of NanoPAT processes.

With this visit TEMASOL contributes to the SbD concept of the project, anticipating, identifying and addressing future safety issues relevant for commercially fully exploitable innovative technologies.

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Visit of ZHAW at UP

At the end of October (24th-28th October 2022), Manuel Nigg, from Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), visited the facilities of UP/innoFSPEC for knowledge exchange, training and networking purposes, as well as to do some refractive index measurements.

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Networking between NanoPAT & LightCoce OITB projects

Trying to engage with new stakeholders, NanoPAT met the NMBP-01-2018 LightCoce Open Innovation Test Bed project in an online meeting, hosted by our common partner EXELISIS, on Oct 26th 2022.

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Visit of BRAVE at Fluidinova

The collaborations between NanoPAT partners continue being quite intensive during this Autumn of 2022. On 19-20 October 2022, some colleagues from BRAVE visited FLUDINOVA’s facilities in Porto, showing them around and introducing them their business and products, focusing concretely on Fluidinova’s industrial plant and production process.

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Visit of ARKEMA at ZHAW

During 11th and 12th August 2022 the industrial partner ARKEMA visited the RTO pilot partner ZHAW in Wädenswil (Switzerland) in order to transfer their zeolite know-how to the Swiss team and to experience PDW (photon density wave) spectroscopy in real.

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NanoPAT networking – Visit of IRIS at POLYMAT (2)

Susana Gómez, a colleague from IRIS Technology Solutions (Spain), visited POLYMAT (University of Basque Country, Spain) on 11 July 2022 (14-18th June 2021).

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Visit of UP at Covestro

On May 24th, the UP/innoFSPEC team visited the Covestro’s facilities in Waalwijk (Netherlands), within the framework of Case Study 1, monitoring particle formation of polyurethane dispersions and polyacrylate emulsions.

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NanoPAT networking – Visit of UP at Evonik

On May 11th, part of the innoFSPEC team visited the industrial site of NanoPAT partner Evonik in Wesseling (Germany), within the framework of the Case Study 2 of the project, real-time in-situ monitoring of the genesis of nanostructured silica under different precipitation conditions.

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NanoPAT networking – Visit of UP at POLYMAT

From 11th to 22nd April 2022, Stephanie Schlappa and Tobias Simon, members of innoFSPEC, innovation and research center part of the NanoPAT partner University of Postdam, visited the project colleagues at the POLYMAT Institute of the University of the Basque Country in San Sebastian (Spain).

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