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Internship of UPV/POLYMAT at BRAVE

As part of a new case study (outside the project plans) testing the OF2i technology developed in NanoPAT with polymers, our colleague Usue Aspiazu from UPV/POLYMAT (Spain) is visiting our colleagues from BRAVE Analytics for a few months

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PDW 2nd Measuring Campaign at Evonik

Our colleagues from PDW Analytics and University of Potsdam (namely Justin Aaron Koenig (UP), Tobias Simon (PDWA) and Sebastian Zimmermann (UP) visited our industrial partner Evonik in Wesseling (Germany) from 9th till 20th October 2023.

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On 20th October 2023, Blanca Suarez, from TEMASOL, visited the brand new facilities of FLUIDINOVA in Porto (Portugal), where BRAVE Analytics installed their OF2i B-Continuous prototype in one of Fluidinova’s nanohydroxyapatite reactors (as reported here).

Blanca was introduced to their pilot line using the OF2i device and all equipment involved, as part of TEMASOL activities in Task 7.4 “Nanosafety assessment & Elaboration of safety/Safety-by-Design guidelines”. The process is currently being analysed by TEMASOL staff under a risk assessment perspective to identify potential health issues, focusing on occupational exposure and nanosafety. The strategy will follow the one developed in the EU-H2020 project NanoReg2 for Safety-by-Design (SbD) implementation in industrial settings but adapted to the particulars of NanoPAT processes.

With this visit TEMASOL contributes to the SbD concept of the project, anticipating, identifying and addressing future safety issues relevant for commercially fully exploitable innovative technologies.

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Standardisation Workshop organised by BNN

On 23 October 2023, our colleagues from BNN organised a Standardisation Workshop for NanoPAT’s technology developers, to get an overview of the meaning of standardisation, how it can be used and how NanoPAT and its partners can standardise their technologies.

The aim of the workshop is to hear an overall introduction to standardisation by Dr. Denis Koltsov (Director of BREC Solutions, Limited and chair of ISO TC229 (Nanotechnologies)) and to present NanoPAT technologies. A joint discussion about the impact of a standardised technology / service will be held between Dr.

Kolstov and NanoPAT technology developers.

The workshop was hosted at BNN office in Graz and counted with online and on-site of all technology providers (PDWA, BRAVE, IRIS) plus TEMASOL, as leader of the project task on standardisation. As always when partners come together, we took the chance to network and interchange experiences and knowledge.

Special thanks to Denis Koltsov, who came to Graz especially for this occasion and enriched us with his knowledge and experience.

On 24 October, Denis visited BRAVE facilities to get a better overview about the OF2i technology, in theory and in praxis, with a lab-tour and being able to see the B-continuous (B1-PAT device) and the B-curious (B2-Lab device) in real life.

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Last month (6th to 13th September 2023), colleagues from BRAVE Analytics visited FLUIDINOVA facilities in Porto (Portugal) to perform the installation of the OF2i B-Continuous prototype at their hydroxyapatite production site.
FLUIDINOVA’s nano-hydroxyapatite particles are one of NanoPAT’s case studies. With the BRAVE B1 device, they will now be able to characterize nano-hydroxyapatite particles at different stages of their production, using the innovative OF2i technology developed by BRAVE.
The first days of the visit were dedicated to the assemble and calibration of the equipment by BRAVE. In the following days, they performed the connection of the device to FLUIDINOVA tanks. The connection was perfect and they were able to do some preliminary measurements.
BRAVE team trained the FLUIDINOVA team to operate the OF2i equipment by themselves, as FLUIDINOVA will use the OF2i sensor on a daily basis for next weeks to make measurements on different product batches and different states of our production, to get as much information as possible.

All in one, it was a very successful week, where both teams had the chance to learn more about their technologies and processes. As add on, the had a great time together!
Looking forward to the interesting results in the upcoming weeks!

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PDW measuring campaign at Evonik

Between 12 and 30 June 2023, colleagues from Uni Potsdam and PDWA (namely Hilmer Tasto, Tobias Simon and Sebastian Zimmermann) performed a PDW measuring campaign at the laboratories of our industrial partner Evonik in Germany.

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Visit of BNN at BRAVE

On 3rd June 2023, BNN visited the labs of BRAVE Analytics in Graz. BRAVE gave a demonstration of their OF2i technology to BNN colleagues to facilitate the (nano)safety assessment of their processes.

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Visit of BRAVE at Cnano

From 8 to 12 May 2023, some colleagues of BRAVE visited Cnano facilities in Athens (Greece) to test BRAVE’s OF2i sensor prototype “BRAVE B-Continuous”.

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Visit of IRIS at Cnano

Between 24 and 29 April 2023, the IRIS team (James Bolton) visited Cnano facilities in Athens (Greece) for the online monitoring of nanoparticles in Cnano’s plating baths.

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Visit of IRIS at UP

March is being a busy month. Between 20 and 23 March 2023, James Bolton (IRIS) visited the University of Potsdam to conduct TUS measurements in silica syntheses on a 6 L scale.

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