1st Co-Creation Workshop of the nanoMECommons project

Event Date:
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
December 13, 2021


Under the title “Materials characterization challenges to support the industry transition in the digital era”, this 1st NanoMECommons workshop aims to proclaim knowledge and share new ideas amongst academic scientists, researchers, engineers and other stakeholders from research area of nanotechnology, modelling, and (nano-)characterization. Another goal is to gain deep insights in the work performed in other characterization NMBP projects and testbeds, and establish synergies under the umbrella of EMCC. The outcomes of the Workshop will be used for an Open Consultation Process, by identifying the community needs in accordance to EC directives and EMCC objectives.


  • Interoperability – Standardization – Harmonization
  • Think Digital – entry to a new era
  • Industrial Insights

Deadline: Registrations closes on the 6th December 2021

Ioannis Kakogiannos and Alan Ryder, as coordinators of two of the NMBP-08 projects (NanoPAT and PAT4Nano respectively), are invited speakers to share with the participants their insights and experience with real-time process analytical technologies in NanoPAT and PAT4Nano, as the scope of Interoperability – Standardization – Harmonization is very important and influential for the community.

Registration and more information, here: Events – NanoMECommons

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