NanoPAT @ WP PRE2023

The 11th PhD-Student Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering (WP PRE2023) took place this year as follow up event to the PRE2023 (add hyperlink NanoPAT@PRE2023 News), from 8 to 10 September 2023 also in Potsdam, Germany. This workshop is specifically designed for European PhD students seeking contact with fellow students and the polymer industry. They are encouraged to present their PhD topic (short oral and poster presentation) to a professional audience, benefiting from helpful feedback and suggestions of the experienced audience; at the same time the students can meet industry representatives and potential employers in person. This benefit is of course bi-directional, as industry representatives can learn about the latest academic research in the field of PRE and get to know future graduates. Around 50 people attended the event.

As particle size monitoring techniques can be very useful in the emulsion polymerization field, due to the effect that the particle size and the particle size distribution has in the final applications of the latex, our colleague Usue Olatz Aspiazu Iturbe, from UPV/POLYMAT, gave a talk about the monitoring of the particle size of polyacrylate latexes during seeded semibatch emulsion polymerization processes by simultaneous analysis with inline Photon Density Wave Spectroscopy (PDW) and online Turbidity Spectroscopy (TUS).

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