On 20th October 2023, Blanca Suarez, from TEMASOL, visited the brand new facilities of FLUIDINOVA in Porto (Portugal), where BRAVE Analytics installed their OF2i B-Continuous prototype in one of Fluidinova’s nanohydroxyapatite reactors (as reported here).

Blanca was introduced to their pilot line using the OF2i device and all equipment involved, as part of TEMASOL activities in Task 7.4 “Nanosafety assessment & Elaboration of safety/Safety-by-Design guidelines”. The process is currently being analysed by TEMASOL staff under a risk assessment perspective to identify potential health issues, focusing on occupational exposure and nanosafety. The strategy will follow the one developed in the EU-H2020 project NanoReg2 for Safety-by-Design (SbD) implementation in industrial settings but adapted to the particulars of NanoPAT processes.

With this visit TEMASOL contributes to the SbD concept of the project, anticipating, identifying and addressing future safety issues relevant for commercially fully exploitable innovative technologies.

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