Standardisation Workshop organised by BNN

On 23 October 2023, our colleagues from BNN organised a Standardisation Workshop for NanoPAT’s technology developers, to get an overview of the meaning of standardisation, how it can be used and how NanoPAT and its partners can standardise their technologies.

The aim of the workshop is to hear an overall introduction to standardisation by Dr. Denis Koltsov (Director of BREC Solutions, Limited and chair of ISO TC229 (Nanotechnologies)) and to present NanoPAT technologies. A joint discussion about the impact of a standardised technology / service will be held between Dr.

Kolstov and NanoPAT technology developers.

The workshop was hosted at BNN office in Graz and counted with online and on-site of all technology providers (PDWA, BRAVE, IRIS) plus TEMASOL, as leader of the project task on standardisation. As always when partners come together, we took the chance to network and interchange experiences and knowledge.

Special thanks to Denis Koltsov, who came to Graz especially for this occasion and enriched us with his knowledge and experience.

On 24 October, Denis visited BRAVE facilities to get a better overview about the OF2i technology, in theory and in praxis, with a lab-tour and being able to see the B-continuous (B1-PAT device) and the B-curious (B2-Lab device) in real life.

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NanoPAT @GEP-SLAP 2022

The GEP-SLAP 2022 congress (Meeting of the Group Specialized in Polymers of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry and Spanish Royal Society of Physics and Latin American Symposium) has taken place in San Sebastian from the 8th to the 12nd of May 2022.

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Poster WPPRE2022

10th PhD Students Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering

The 10th edition of the PhD Students Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering took place on 20th-22nd April 2022 in San Sebastian, Spain.

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NanoPAT @Instance Mapping Workshop

On Thursday, April 14th 2022, the EU-H2020 project NanoCommons, gave NanoPAT partners an interactive online workshop on implementing Instance Maps for linking SOPs and data to Electronic Laboratory Notebooks for nanosafety assessment.

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NanoPAT @OYSTER Open Day Workshop

On Thursday 17th March 2022, the EU H2020 OYSTER project organized an Open Day Workshop, as its final exploitation and dissemination workshop.

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Internal Stakeholder Engagement and Exploitation Workshop

On February 17th, 2022 the entire consortium, under the leadership of the Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation leaders (BNN and TEMASOL), met virtually for an internal Stakeholder Engagement and Exploitation Workshop.

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NanoPAT’s 1st Review Meeting (January 2022)

On 13th January 2022, NanoPAT’s Consortium had the chance to present our Project Officer Yanaris Ortega Garcia and our external expert John Parthenios, the progress on the developments within the project, the achievements during the first reporting period, as well as our upcoming plans!

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NanoPAT @ NanoMECommons Workshop

Under the title “Materials characterization challenges to support the industry transition in the digital era”, this 1st NanoMECommons workshop aims to proclaim knowledge and share new ideas amongst academic scientists, researchers, engineers and other stakeholders from research area of nanotechnology, modelling, and (nano-)characterization.

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