Contact Person:

Jean-Luc Dubois
Scientific Director at ARKEMA. Collaboration team in NanoPAT

Cécile Lutz
Head of Molecular Sieves and Zeolites R&D at ARKEMA. Main technical contact for NanoPAT

Heidy Ramirez
Research Scientist (specialized in zeolite synthesis) at ARKEMA.
Collaboration team

Mainly contributing to WP6 and supporting WP1, WP2 and WP7-WP9.

ARKEMA is involved in WP1 to define the requirements for the zeolite synthesis processes and to define the nano-monitoring technologies specifications. ARKEMA supports the WP2 works about Photon Wave Density Spectroscopy Developments, providing reference materials, contributing to define analytical reference methods and synthesis conditions, representative of the industrial zeolite case. In WP6, ARKEMA implements and demonstrates the technology(ies) in zeolite pilot plant. ARKEMA contributes to knowledge transfer and dissemination in WP7.

ARKEMA has a strong expertise in zeolite synthesis and characterization. ARKEMA owns 2 plants producing a broad range of zeolites (in terms of zeolite structures and particle size distributions and morphologies), several pilot plant facilities and dedicated teams in the Lacq R&D Center.

ARKEMA is able to implement and test the developed techniques for Zeolite Particle Size Measurement at different scales, from the small batch reactors (less than 1 L) to pilot plant reactor (40 L to more than 1 m3), as well as in continuous reactor (Flow reactor).

ARKEMA is involved in process intensification processes, especially for zeolite synthesis, and looks for techniques to measure particle size distribution and morphologies in real-time and process control strategies to tune very finely particle size distribution in the production lines.

In addition, through its other business units, ARKEMA has also interests in the applications of the online particle size measurement techniques developed in the project, for example in polymer field.