Mainly contributing to WP3, WP4, WP6 and WP8 and supporting WP7 and WP9.

BRAVE will contribute to the project by providing on-line measurement technologies for specific particle parameters (e.g. real time aggregation behaviour, concentration, size and size distribution) tailored and measured at process relevant key-particle production locations, providing parameters for process evaluations/optimization.

BRAVE will work together with the Medical University of Graz NM-Lab to mature its proprietary OptoFluidic Force Induction (OF2i) equipment, will implement and further develop process tailored inline and real-time measurement routines. It will test and install OF2i equipment sets for onsite testing in WP 6 and adapt their devices to on site process conditions.

BRAVE will support the OF2i installation to increase product quality and find suitable nano-characterisation routines for production & process control and production reproducibility. It will further support the translation and business development aspirations in WP9 to foster NanoPAT´s final goal to successfully translate real time nano characterisation technologies towards the market.