Contact Person:

Ron Peters
Lead scientist characterization

Ronald Tennebroek
Lead scientist materials

Mainly contributing to WP6 and supporting WP1, WP2, WP4 and WP7-WP9.

Covestro will have an active role in WP1 in terms of describing and evaluating the process monitoring specifications of polymer production processes. Importance and industrial benefits of online measurements will be evaluated. An insight into the possibilities of applying the sensor technology in monitoring polymer dispersion processes with a relation/correlation between sensor output (e.g. PSD, particle shape, concentration) and process parameters (e.g. solids content, stirring, feeding strategies, temperature) will be defined. An approach to control the process based on real-time sensor data will be developed. Covestro will also have a role in WP2, to build/support the industrial polymeric case in close corporation with the RTO. This includes transfer of the synthesis receipt, support in the analysis of the particles, and help in the discussion/evaluation of process reliability, and reproducibility of parameters. Covestro will have a strong role in WP6, to show the potential in a pilot plant. This includes setting-up the PDW in the pilot-plant, and setting-up the process monitoring. Combining data from the PDW, together with production data and off-line analytical data, and building new protocols, should gain insight how the PDW will improve the quality assurance.

Covestro has a broad and in-depth expertise in the company with strong expertise in macromolecular design, polymer synthesis, polymer engineering, engineering and scale-up, molecular characterization and analytics, paint formulation and application, as well as product development, application development, marketing and sales.

Covestro has a long-standing track record in developing innovative high-quality resins solutions for paints and coatings for fields driving our – sustainable – future such as fiber optics and 3D printing. We strive to continuously decrease the footprint – in production as well as use – of our products. 

Their science-based innovation power and relatively small scale and flexible production assets enable them to develop differentiating solutions for many industries. Their strong application development capabilities are keys to connect to the unmet customer needs.