Alexandros Zoikis Karathanasis
CEO, Electroplating

Alexis Grigoropoulos
R&D manager, Nanomaterials

Mainly contributing to WP6 and WP3-WP4 and supporting WP1 and WP7-WP9.

Creative Nano’s role in NanoPAT involves the provision of its electroplating pilot line and its laboratory facilities for the design and implementation of a beyond the SoA (OF2i & TUS) monitoring system that will be adjusted to the pilot line, aiming to monitor the nanoparticle suspension (particles size and concentration) within the electrolyte and its behaviour during the production process (TRL 6). Creative Nano will collaborate closely with MUG (its spin off) for the design and operation of the OF2i system to its pilot line during WP3 and with IRIS for the TUS apparatus. The validation and demonstration activities will be performed in WP6 under real production operational environment.

The tasks implemented by Cnano for NanoPAT are aligned with the expertise and core business orientation of the company. The extensive expertise and experience on electrochemical methods (electroplating, anodization) of Cnano has allowed the company to develop, deliver and demonstrate excellent results in terms of composite coating production and functionality. Thus, a monitoring system on the semi-production line of Cnano will boost its business and increase its market approach.

A quick presentation of the Electroplating Pilot Line for nano-composite coatings. Starting from the pre-treatment process of surface and moving forward to the plating process.


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