Contact Person:

Thomas Pelster
Main contact

Mainly contributing to WP4 and WP6 and supporting WP1, WP2, WP8 and WP9.

Evonik is involved in WP1 to define the requirements for the silica precipitation processes and to define the nano-monitoring technologies specifications. Evonik supports the WP2 works about Photon Wave Density Spectroscopy Developments, providing reference materials, contributing to define analytical reference methods and synthesis conditions, representative of the industrial silica case. In WP6, Evonik implements and demonstrates the technology(ies) in silica pilot plant. Evonik contributes to knowledge transfer and dissemination in WP7.

Evonik is a leading global manufacturer of silica. In addition to the fumed silica AEROSIL® and the precipitated silica ULTRASIL®, SIPERNAT®, ZEODENT® and SPHERILEX®, Evonik also produces silica based matting agents under the brand name ACEMATT® and other fumed metal oxides under the brand AEROXIDE®. Overall, Evonik has a global production capacity for all silica-based products of about 1 million metric tons/year.

The important R&D centre for precipitated silica located in Wesseling will take part in this project. It is staffed with experienced chemists, process engineers and technicians and well equipped with lab and pilot plant representing small scale reactors from several litres up to 1000 litres scale. Standard as well as innovative analytical methods are available and developed here, hence a reliable in-line particle size measurement is still lacking.