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António Azevedo
Main contact

Paulo Quadros
Main contact

Catarina Coelho
Main contact

Gonçalo Ribeiro
Team member

Telmo Folhento
Team member

Mainly contributing to WP6 and supporting WP1, WP3 and WP7-WP9.

FLUIDINOVA is involved in WP1 to define the requirements for the hydroxyapatite nanoparticles synthesis processes and to define the preliminary nano-monitoring technologies specifications. FLUIDINOVA supports the WP3 works about OptoFluidic Force Induction (OF2i) Developments, providing reference materials, contributing to define analytical reference methods and synthesis conditions, representative of the industrial hydroxyapatite case. In WP6, FLUIDINOVA implements and demonstrates the technology(ies) in hydroxyapatite plant. FLUIDINOVA contributes to knowledge transfer and dissemination in WP7.

As manufacturers of nano-hydroxyapatite FLUIDINOVA is able to implement and test the developed techniques in a continuous process based on NETmix reactor.


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