Contact Person:

Poojan Timilsina
Project coordinator

Albert Torres
Management Support

Project coordinator and WP4 and WP9 leader.
Mainly contributing to WP5-WP8 and supporting WP1-WP3.

IRIS was established in Barcelona in 2007 as an advanced engineering and research company, specialising in the field of process engineering. IRIS has expertise in the following fields of engineering: Production Processes (with a strong specialisation in novel technologies); Smart Systems; and Optical Systems, combined with a knowledge and research capacity in environmental science, food technology and materials science.

As Project coordinators they will be in charge of the management of the project resources and of the communication with the European Commission (WP9). As technology providers, they will have very strong roles in WP4, leading the development of nano-characterization system based on TUS and its validation in polymer dispersions, silica and ceramic nanoparticles processes. In WP5, they will develop the PAT Platform that will gather, elaborate and display the data coming from the developed sensors. Furthermore, a DSS based on different machine learning technique will be provided allowing the economic and environmental assessment. In WP6, IRIS will support the end-users during the integration, implementation and validation of the monitoring devices providing the tools and ad-hoc trainings. In WP7, they will also contribute to the dissemination and training activities in terms of PAT, as well as to WP8 in terms of IPR, innovation. In this direction, their extensive experience, in particular in the context of industry-driven FP7 and H2020 projects and private contacts with the industry will guarantee the optimal project management.