Contact Person:

Christian Micheletti
Data & Exploitation Manager

Deven Joshi
Data & Exploitation Support

Blanca Suarez
SbD, Stakeholder Engagement and Dissemination/Communication

WP8 leader. Mainly contributing to WP7 and supporting WP1, WP6 and WP9.

TEMASOL  will be mainly involved in WP7, in developing training and capacity building for the knowledge transfer of the NanoPAT technologies to the case studies in the project as well as to external potential users. This task is linked to TEMASOL role in WP8 (WP Leader), which will consist in the transfer of innovation developed in NanoPAT to other potential users, and through this action, to identify, evaluate, and propose models to assure exploitation of the technologies. TEMASOL will also have a strong role in the standardization of the technologies, by managing the interaction with standardization bodies, and promoting the development of standardized methods for technologies integration, use, and maintenance.

TEMASOL has a strong expertise in supporting safe innovation for advanced materials and especially nanotechnology. Combining regulatory affairs knowledge with technical and risk/safety competences, TEMASOL is capable of supporting implementation of innovative solutions in different value chains.

TEMASOL team has training experience in academia and industry context, preparing workshops and demonstrations of Safe-by-Design to researchers, technology developer, as well as to industry. This expertise will help in the design of capacity building activities for the technology implementation by different targets/users.

TEMASOL experience in financial sustainability assessment and development of business plan is central in the support of open innovation and efficient exploitation of the technologies developed in this project.

TEMASOL supports industry bringing nano-enabled products to the market taking into account regulation and applying the principles of Safe and Sustainable by Design. Through our leading activities on SSbD at CEN/TC 352 and EU and National initiatives we help our customers get ready for the Green Deal ambitious targets!