WP1 leader. Mainly contributing to WP1, WP2, WP4 and WP6 and supporting WP5, WP7-WP9.

UPV will lead WP1 defining the requirements and the state-of-the-art of the nano-monitoring technologies that will be used within the project. Moreover, UPV will have an active role in WP2, WP5 and WP6. In WP2 UPV will be in charge of the production of polymeric dispersions implementing PDWA and TUS technologies. For instance, laboratory testing of samples, synthesis of polymeric dispersions with the use of PDWA and comparison of the results obtained by conventional methods as well as, definition of up-scaling specifications will be performed. In WP2, UPV, will be in charge of implementing PDWA and TUS technologies in the production of polymeric dispersions. PDWA and TUS will be used for laboratory samples testing and online monitoring of polymer reactions. The role in WP5 and WP6 will be to contribute and give assistance to the partners involved in simulating the process (WP5) and synthesizing polymeric dispersions at large scales (WP6).

The Polymerization Process Group of UPV is focused on the fundamental understanding of industrially relevant polymerization processes with special emphasis on polymerizations in dispersed media. Polymer dispersions are product-by-process materials whose microstructure, and hence their final properties, are mostly determined in the reactor. Therefore, the understanding of the processes occurring in the reactor is crucial to achieve, an efficient, consistent safe and environmentally-friendly production of polymer materials with improved performance.

With its team and resources, the UPV can carry out the production and further characterization of the polymeric dispersions implementing the technologies described within this project. In addition, with its expertise in the field of polymeric dispersion the synthetic procedure as well as the efficiency of the PDWA an TUS could be validated.