WP6 leader. Mainly contributing to WP1, WP2 and WP4 and contributing to WP5 and WP7-WP9.

UP has an active role in WP1 and will meet with Evonik and the other RTO’s to prepare the execution of the different case studies. The RTOs (ZHAW and DSC) will be trained to use PDWS in their labs.

In WP2 the silica case study will be carried out in the laboratories of UP. In cooperation with PDWA, PDWS will be applied to the process and successively improved to reach TRL5. In addition, UP will assist in data analysis of the other case studies in which PDWS is used.

UP is leading WP6 and supports the RTOs and industrial partners by planning and transfer of the case studies investigated in WP2 into a pilot plant environment. Execution of measurement campaigns at Evonik will be the main focus of UP, while assisting in the other case studies in which PDWS is applied. With the implementation of PDWS in these case studies the TRL6 will be proved.

UP consists of an experienced interdisciplinary team. Main research focus is the development of spectroscopic inline technology and its application. The team has an excellent knowledge about process development and control, and the possibility to transfer industrial processes into a lab environment. Due to the great experience with PAT and implementation of PAT into process environments, UP is well suited to assist in the preparation of measurement campaigns.

UP can provide rooms and measurement equipment needed for the execution of the described case studies as well as PDWS prototypes for these. Reference measurement techniques, like DLS, SLS and STEM are available on site and can be used to evaluate the final product parameters.

In collaboration with the OPAT JointLab of Potsdam University, a virtual tour of the innoFSPEC laboratory at Mühlenberg 3 has been created. Here you can learn about our state-of-the-art research instruments and facilities. Come around and have a (virtual) look!

innoFSPEC is an innovation and research center part of the University of Postdam and project partner in NanoPAT.