Contact Person:

Beatriz Alfaro Serrano
Dissemination and Communication Manager

Andreas Falk

Susanne Resch
NanoSafety Assessment

Barbara Ebner
Graphic Design & Website

Simone Jagersbacher
Social Media, Dissemination & Communication Support

WP7 leader. Mainly contributing to WP8 and supporting WP1, WP6 and WP9.

BNN is leading WP7, responsible of the training, communication and dissemination management of NanoPAT’s results and activities. Among the main activities that BNN will lead and guide throughout the project are

  1. the achievement of a high impact regarding the applicability of NanoPAT’s solutions through workshops, training materials and online resources,
  2. engage NanoPAT’s stakeholders for the comply of regulatory needs and criteria of the proposed solutions,
  3. align the project activities with the interest of relevant communities through networking and information exchange and,
  4. assessment and implementation of the Safe-by-Design concept in order to support of the development of responsible and safer innovations (putting a special focus on nano-related safety issues).

BNN has promoted innovative research by supporting cooperation, creating synergies in Austria and initiating national and international research projects in the fields of nanotechnology. The success of the BioNanoNet stems from the “network platform” and the coordination among leading key players from this platform, which is the engine that drives interdisciplinary and innovative processes in these research areas.