Contact Person:

Juan Enríquez
Project manager for the ADSC participation in the project

Jerónimo Domingo
Naval engineer collaborating in the technical activities of ADSC

Alfredo Iranzo
Dr. Energy Systems and Chemical Engineer managing the technical contribution of ADSC

Laura Torres
Marketing and Media manager in charge of the communication and dissemination activities in the project  

WP5 leader. Mainly contributing to WP2-WP4 and supporting WP1 and WP6-WP9.

ANALISIS-DSC will perform tasks of basic engineering in the definition of upscaling specifications WP2, 3, 4. ANALISIS-DSCwill be leading the WP5 “Monitoring Technologies Integration, Data Analysis, and Simulation Software” package based on our know-how and expertise on simulation tools and previous experience on the H2020 IbD project. ANALISIS-DSC will take in the general tasks of WP9 Project management.

ANALISIS-DSC has over 16 years of working experience on both process and mechanical engineering in areas related to fluids, both newtonian and non-newtonian, coupled them different types of particles. This know-how and expertise have been applied in both private and public funded projects. Additionally, ANALISIS-DSC has already collaborated in another H2020 funded project, IbD, with two of the main partners of the current proposal, IRIS and ZHAW.

Our experience on previous H2020 project with similar roles provides an important basis to provide a similar expertise on the current proposal in the areas of fluid-particle coupling, data analysis and monitorization of complex industrial processes