Last month (6th to 13th September 2023), colleagues from BRAVE Analytics visited FLUIDINOVA facilities in Porto (Portugal) to perform the installation of the OF2i B-Continuous prototype at their hydroxyapatite production site.
FLUIDINOVA’s nano-hydroxyapatite particles are one of NanoPAT’s case studies. With the BRAVE B1 device, they will now be able to characterize nano-hydroxyapatite particles at different stages of their production, using the innovative OF2i technology developed by BRAVE.
The first days of the visit were dedicated to the assemble and calibration of the equipment by BRAVE. In the following days, they performed the connection of the device to FLUIDINOVA tanks. The connection was perfect and they were able to do some preliminary measurements.
BRAVE team trained the FLUIDINOVA team to operate the OF2i equipment by themselves, as FLUIDINOVA will use the OF2i sensor on a daily basis for next weeks to make measurements on different product batches and different states of our production, to get as much information as possible.

All in one, it was a very successful week, where both teams had the chance to learn more about their technologies and processes. As add on, the had a great time together!
Looking forward to the interesting results in the upcoming weeks!

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